Busting out of Virginia is one of the hottest Rock bands to hit the circuit in long time since Evanescence. The difference is this is not some prissy little chick with issues, this is one bad Mama with horns to boot. Rosie Soul and the Rock n Roll Cowboys are currently touring and promoting their newly released CD titled “Serial Thrilla” after nearly three years of playing the circuit with this lineup. This is quite an entertaining band. Upon first glance, their appearance screams heavy metal with Ozzy Osbourne craziness and Metallica wall of guitar distortion, but their blend of heavy Rock is a delicious and potent mix of power with deep, yet feminine vocals and an irresistible image that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Lead vocalist, Rosie Soul, always performs with a set of horns on her head, which certainly raises some eye brows. “It started when I needed a costume for a Halloween show and it just stuck,” says Rosie, who says the horns is an invitation to having a good time with the band and not some Satanic message. “Everything that family and society says is wrong about you and you should change, I don’t agree with that. You are right where you should be, you’re perfect like you are, so you should embrace it. If you have horns, let them show,” Rosie goes on to say.

There is a great “in your face” element when you listen to their music. One of their tracks titled “Crimson Society,” which Rosie says is really about “letting the BAD out” is perhaps their most intriguing song with commercial viability. We all know people that are very uptight (like the man in the video) and at its core, this song is about letting go and having fun, even if it appears unacceptable to others. “Cowgirl Fever” is just a lasso swinging, bronco busting good time that’s sure to get your body moving all directions. Their title track “Serial Thrilla” uses hypnotic lyrics to draw you in and then engulfs you with intoxicating rhythm and sultry guitar melodies that shreds the soul. “Song of Orion” is a more melodic rock ballad that delivers a sweet and sincere human element with heartfelt lyrics like “Oh earthbound angels, we stand as one, and brave what life brings us until dusk is done…”

Rosie Soul and the Rock n Roll Cowboys are just getting started with their formula of Rosie Soul style Rock. They’ve become a sensation in Virginia, playing all around the state and are even taking their act on the road with stops in Indiana and Maryland. On Friday, April 26 they will be performing at the Cancun Cantina West in Hagerstown, MD. The following night, Saturday, ¬†April 27 they will be performing at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus, MD with Baltimore bands JVMP, Analog and Radiation Puppy. Fans in Baltimore have been a buzz about Rosie Soul coming to town. Rosie says what she wants people to walk away saying after seeing their show is, “Man, I had a great f@#king time!” And in all likelihood people will. Check out Rosie Soul and the Rock n Roll Cowboys for an absolutely rockin’ good time, so look over their show dates to find them playing near you.


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***Purchase tickets to the April 27 show at the Fish Head Cantina at www.jvmp.eventbrite.com ***