Recently, Rolling Stone Magazine came out with a list of the top 100 guitarists in music history. Now, there are so many great guitarists and everyone has their favorite. It’s understandable ranking them can be a little tough. Rolling Stone actually worked with feedback from many of the guitarists on the very list, as well as contributors to the magazine and music critics with (evidently) unbiased opinions on the subject. Looking over the list, it might be too tempting to resist jumping right to the top 10. Some names on the top 10 list are not surprising, but some may very well be. So, before going into who made the top 10, let’s look at who did not: Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Harrison, Frank Zappa, Tony Iommi, Billy Gibbons, to name just a few. The criteria for making the top 10 list includes innovation and contribution to the music world and not just being able to play catchy, memorable solos. This may be one reason it is difficult to rank guitar players because everyone has a different set of criteria for which to rank them. Rolling Stone most likely found a solution to this dilemma by obtaining the opinions of the best guitar players in the world to help them rank the top 100. It’s safe when you think about it. No one can accuse Rolling Stone of being stupid when putting together this list. After all, they got input from the best in the business to back them up. But guitar players everywhere must be scratching their heads because, clearly, some names deserve to be on the list, and many more in the conversation, but some may not. And it really boils down to preference and (of course) you’re own set of criteria.

The following is the top 10 guitarists in music according to Rolling Stone Magazine:

10. Pete Townshend

9. Duane Allman

8. Eddie Van Halen

7. Chuck Berry

6. B.B. King

5. Jeff Beck

4. Keith Richards

3. Jimmy Page

2. Eric Clapton

1. Jimi Hendrix

It is hard to argue some of the names on this list, but there are likely many debates that would modify it for certain because not everyone would agree with it -even if the opinions of other famous guitarists were taken into consideration. If you look at this list objectively (at least what you consider objective in your own mind) and changed this list, what would you change about it? Who would be in? Who would be out? It would be interesting to see how others (you) would rank the top 10 guitar players EVER.

To see the entire list, check out the Rolling Stone link below.

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