Emerging from Baltimore’s melting pot of music genres, Koye Berry finds his island most suiting in an ever changing industry. Loyola College brought Koye to Baltimore and he remained here, eventually navigating through the complex maze of the music business. His focus is the music. And if ever there was an artist whose life is genuinely recorded in songs, Koye Berry has managed to create some insightful tunes with his piano. His thoughts, likes and dislikes, his moods, and all emotions pour into each note, bringing your thoughts into his world with such subtlety, you find his music melodies in the background in dreams later in the night. Perhaps the most underrated, talented solo artist in the city, Koye is relatively relaxed in the low key. Like any musician, he longs for greater things, but his accolades need only be applauds. He is a true musician to the bone, and One World Pool is proud to feature “Koye Berry” in our very first video episode. Check out Koye Berry at http://soundcloud.com/koye-berry .

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