The loud, hard hitting trio that call themselves The Baby Please! have been rapidly expanding their fan base with alluring Rock music, rivaling some of the best acts in the Baltimore music scene. Sounding a little like the Allman Brothers but with more thumping groove, live music lovers are in for a real treat of the best quality original music this region has to offer. Their booming wall of sound embraced by lovers of brawling loudness has been great story material, though the band admits they’ve decided to be more accommodating to keep venue walls from reverberating too wildly. Initially wearing the tag of “loud ass band” as a badge of honor, guitarist and vocalist Tommy McGee acknowledges turning the volume down a little has been hard to do. “The volume thing has been a difficult thing to deal with,” says McGee. “I just bought a 20 watt head, switched down from a 60 watt head -because we’re a loud band.” Drummer, Steve “Gilly” Smith, has even started playing his kit with brushes because, as McGee explains, “We want to keep more people in the room.” And that they do. Attracting the 20 plus crowd to small and large venues with their irresistibly steady, uptempo groove, the party atmosphere only seems to intensify as the night rolls on. This three man ensemble has been progressing into a catchy, power-driven genuine band on the scene, which has come relatively quickly (as they’ve only been together for around a year and a half). Perhaps it’s that “pocket” of the rhythym section, composed of bass player, Jon Cooper and, of course, Gilly. Maybe it’s Tommy’s fervor on the six strings and esteemed vocals. Maybe this is just one of those bands with the right chemistry and alignment of the stars. Don’t know, but they got it.

Unlike bands that have songs that bleed right into each other without much distinction, this band’s collection of original songs each have their own signature of hooks, giving their music sets more diversity. Even the covers they do have their own Baby Please! spin that invigorates the crowd. Earlier this year, in March, the band released their first CD, titled “the Baby Please!” which showcases their exceptional song writing skills and musicianship. Their track “Show it to Me” has all the elements of a classic, reminiscent of 70′s and 80′s Rock moods. “Muva” displays their respect for Rock music rooted in the Blues, while “You Think You Know” has a clean guitar element that hints of an era from long ago that is still evident in the sound descendants of Rock and Roll. The Baby Please! certainly complete the package when it comes to being the real thing. Comfortable playing the small, cramped venues as well as the bigger stages, this group is purely only interested in delivering good times. Gilly explains, “We want [our fans] to emulate positive vibes from our shows.” It’s the sort of thing people truly remember, as they have learned from their own experiences and those of their friends, like Pasadena and The Grilled Lincolns. And they are on the same level (in many areas) as their better-known friends and they know it. When you experience their live shows, you’ll know it, too.

Here’s where you can see The Baby Please! Don’t be shy. Come on and check out this fun band!

10/5/12 – Burley Oak Brewery, 10016 Old Ocean City Blvd. · Berlin, MD 21811 · Tel:443.513.4647

10/19/12 – Brasserie Brightwell, 206 N. Washington St. · Easton MD 21601 · Tel: 410-819-3838

10/20/12 – Nabbs Creek, 864 Nabbs Creek Road · Glen Burnie  MD 21060 · Tel: 410-437-3737

10/27/12 – Rodz n Rydz, 58 W Earleigh Heights Rd · Severna Park MD 21146 · Tel: 410-793-5759

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